Daikin Heat Pump Convectors

The Daikin Heat Pump Convectors (HPC) are fantastic compliments to a low temperature heat pump system.

This makes them an ideal partner to the heat pump system to optimise efficiency and thermal comfort levels.

Water temperatures as low as 35°C dT5°C

The Daikin heat pump convector can be used with conventional boiler systems to provide very high thermal outputs.

The heat pump convectors available will require additional controls and connection kits.

Please call us on 01382 543375 to speak to an engineer to assist your project controls.

HPC Heat Pump Convector BASE UNIT (Options)

HPC Heat Pump Convector BASE UNIT (Options)

Product Code: FWXV10ATV3 & FWXV15ATV3 & FWXV20ATV3

£636.24 Ex Tax: £530.20

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