Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall battery storage and Tesla Gateway energy management system.

Tesla have developed an energy storage system that is, in our opinion, better than any other product currently on the market.

The Tesla Powerwall and Gateway is a sophisticated energy management system for your property.

Fully automated, very easy to use and understand- this is a very enjoyable product that will help you to understand how you use and generate energy.

This will help you save and conserve energy and save money!


  • 13.5kW useable capacity.
  • Peak output 7kW.
  • Nominal output 5kW.
  • 90% energy efficiency (storage and output).
  • Designed for external installation.
  • Battery temperature management for optimal power output.
  • Single manufacturer- Tesla.
  • Fabulous App- detailed data analysis.
  • AI learning to optimise energy flows to your energy use profile.
  • Use your Powerwall in "self sufficient" or  time-based" modes.
  • Buy low cost energy for later use.
  • Join the Tesla Energy Tariff and become part of the "internet of energy"- Virtual Power Station.
  • Enjoy low cost Tesla Energy Tariff.
  • Full power outage back-up (5kW)
  • Storm watch function- linked to the Met Office, your Powerwall will charge on notification of a MetOffice storm warning.
  • Scalable- single phase 40.5kW  3-phase 121.5kW.
  • Tesla EV Gen3 charger allows energy management to your EV from the Tesla Powerwall and your solar PV.
  • Run your Daikin heat pump from your Tesla Powerwall without going to the grid.
  • An important part of your sustainable energy strategy.

Tesla Powerwall Reservation Deposit

Tesla Powerwall Reservation Deposit

Product Code: Tesla Powerwall 2 and Back-up Gateway

£146.28 Ex Tax: £121.90

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