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Heat Pump Installers in Scotland

We install one brand of heat pump -Daikin - because we believe in it.  With 17 years of experience we maintain the highest level of expertise, knowledge and experience, ensuring your move to a renewable energy system is smooth and straightforward.  At The Natural Energy Company we will co-ordinate your project from your initial enquiry, through design, installation, and aftercare maintenance.  

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Daikin design some of the world’s most eco-friendly, powerful heat pumps - including air-to-water and air-to-air systems – for minimum disruption to your everyday, and maximum benefit for your family.

There are a many different types of heat pump and we will work with you to ensure we install the best option for your home and lifestyle.  They all do have one thing in common: they’re powered mainly by renewable energy, making them one of the most economical and eco-friendly heating solutions available today.

Together, we can all do the right thing: for people, the planet.

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By making the switch to heat pump technology, you could enjoy a warm home and save money, all while reducing your carbon emissions.  Daikin heat pumps operate almost silently, with their sleek, modern design making them the perfect fit for any home.

As the first Scottish Daikin Sustainable Home Centre you know your project is in safe hands.  Experience the future of renewable energy at our state-of-the-art Daikin Sustainable Home Centre showroom! You will have access to unmatched expertise and guidance from our experienced Daikin engineers, allowing you to make informed decisions.


Air to Water - High Temperature

Easily replace your existing heating and hot water system and  increase your energy efficiency without having to replace your entire radiator system.  Ideal for older homes.

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Air to Water - Low Temperature

The optimal choice for any home. Ideal for new builds as they require less energy to heat your home when combined with underfloor heating or low temperature radiators.

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Air to Air Heat Pump

Versatile heating, cooling, air purification and humidification for an individual room, or your entire home.  Boasting A+++ energy efficiency ratings to lower your environmental impact.

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