Save with energy from the sun with a Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic (PV) systems installed onto a good open aspect roof provide an excellent renewable energy solution.  With the continued improvement of solar technology, current material and installation costs allow for a strong return on your investment compared to standard bank interest rates.

Is your roof suitable for a PV array?

A PV array is suitable for most properties with a good open aspect with limited or no shading. As your investment in a PV system must be anchored to your roof for over 20 years, this is a significant number of years for any structural roofing component.  The Natural Energy Company considers the roofing aspect a crucial element of any PV project.  All our systems use roof anchor systems mounted into the rafters of the property to ensure the installed array is correct and structurally mounted on your property roof.

The condition of your roof and the PV array is fundamental to the safe, long life of the system.

PV and your property electrics

All PV systems operate with DC electrics with an inverter to allow AC electricity to be used within the property.  All PV systems installed by The Natural Energy Company meet or exceed the 18th Edition Electrical Regulations (BS7671:2008), as a fundamental factor in the longevity of your PV investment.

Site Surveys

Our site surveys form an essential ingredient in our PV installations. As the panels will be installed on a roof for a minimum of 20 years, it is essential that the condition of the roof of the property is properly surveyed to ensure it is strong enough to bear the weight of the panels. It is essential that consideration is given in this regard to the weight of snow load and to wind lift.

All our site surveys involve the following features:

  • physical examination of the roof at roof level
  • assessment of the structural condition of the roof (ie. condition of rafters, joists, roofing ties etc.)
  • full measurement of the roof
  • solar horizon study and shading study
  • roof orientiation in compass degrees
  • inclination of the roof
  • calculation of estimated yield.

This information enables us to offer our customer an accurate, fully comprehensive quotation for a PV system which will be installed correctly and safely.

No Subcontracting

If you contract The Natural Energy Company to undertake an installation for you, only our employees will design and install the renewable system, working alongside our 18th Edition electrician who will safely connect and test the system to meet and exceed 18th Edition Electrical Regulations.

We do not subcontract any installation work to other companies so you have peace of mind of dealing with one company only.

Key points to consider before choosing a PV installer

  • Are the PV panels MCS accredited?
  • Are the PV panels manufactured by a reputable company - will the company still be in business in a a few years?
  • is the inverter from a reputable manufacturer with a proven track record?
  • is the mounting system MCS 012 certified?
  • is the roof mounting system design for Scottish wind and snow conditions?
  • does the contractor understand roofing issues?
  • does the contractor understand shading issues?