Daikin GCU Compact Boiler

The ideal combination for heating and hot water.

Combing the power of modern gas condensing technology with a thermal store and solar storage tank, the Daikin GCU Compact is an ideal boiler to meet your heating and hot water needs. With a cohesive design and unique features, the GCU Compact also serves as a thermal heating source to attain higher energy savings without compromising on reliability and comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Condensing Technology - using latent heat in the flue gas, the Daikin technology achieves 108% more energy efficiency by using renewable energy to produce hot water.



Easy installation and service - all parts are accessible from the front and are low maintenance due to the gas-adaptive combustion system Lambda Gx, a fully electronic gas-air combination. The Lamda Gx is compatible with wall mounted and floor standing units.



Daikin's gas condensing boiler delivers the ultimate comfort. Optimal heating ensures seamless operation to deliver reliable year-round heating, even in extreme weather conditions. Instant hot water is possible with the Daikin combination range, but also possible with a separate thermal store featuring the ECH O tank.


Key Benefits:

Optimal water sanitation - thermal store provides fresh, clean water

Future-proof and flexible - easily combines with solar applications or existing heating systems

Space-saving design - combines the power of a gas condensing boiler and thermal store