Introducing the Daikin Gas Boiler D2CND

Recognising that not all properties are suitable for a heat pump system, we can offer a solution in the form of the new Daikin high efficiency gas condensing boiler. We have one of these units installed and working in our office/showroom, so please feel free to visit.

Daikin is a Japanese manufacturer. Daikin has been in business for over 90 years and this boiler is new to the European boiler market. We recognise that this can make some nervous about reliability. Daikin has a superb warranty support structure and this boiler enjoys a 7 year Parts and Labour Warranty. For those who are really worried about support and reliability; please remember the Japanese companies such as Honda etc had on the motorbike market....the boiler market is changing!!

Compact in size, Daikin gas condensing boiler fully modulates down to 2.9kW.  It  provides users with reliable performance and efficient heating and hot water, making it the best option for both new and retrofit applications.

Comfort & Reliability

Delivering the ultimate in comfort, with optimal heating ensuring seamless operation to deliver year-round heating.

Instant hot water is possible with the Daikin combi range, but can also be connected onto a cylinder for properties that have a larger hot water demand.

Quality Components

Daikin has combined premium components to offer the best quality boiler possible, including components from EBM Papst (fan), SWEP (plate heat exchanger), Grundfos (pump and hydroblock) and Kromschroder (gas valve).


High Efficiency

Increasing comfort and giving you the lowest running costs possible, the Lambda Gx system allows the boiler to adapt to all systems. By controlling the fan and gas valve, the burner capacity adjusts to ensure seamless and optimal operation of the boiler.


Supremely Compact and Controllable

Models 12, 18, 24 kw - 400 x 255 x 580mm

Models 28, 35 kW - 450 x 288 x 666mm