Daikin Solar Thermal Systems 

Harness renewable energy from the sun using the latest solar thermal panel technology.

Daikin's efficient heating solutions maximise use of the renewable energy all around us, converting free heat from the air and the sun to deliver reliable, controllable heating and hot water for domestic and light commercial buildings - even on cloudy days.

To complement their advanced heat pump range, Daikin also manufactures solar panels and provides all the key components of a complete hot water system, designed to work together for optimum energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Daikin solar systems are perfect partners for the Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pumps and ROTEX GCUs. When also combined with underfloor heating, fan convectors or other heat emitters, the full Daikin range creates a highly economical, versatile and energy efficient heating system.


Why choose Daikin Solar?

  • Hot water throughout the year: the solar system works all year round supplemented by your Daikin heat pump, during low solar days
  • Intelligent control to optimise solar energy usage
  • Unique domestic hot water thermal store technology
  • Automatically controlled solar pump speed for maximum efficiency.
  • Choice of size of thermal store

Reduce your carbon footprint and cut your energy bills: sunlight is free, so hot water costs are reduced!