Underfloor Heating Systems - providing comfort and warmth

ROTEX underfloor heating systems provide year-round comfort. ROTEX is a subsidiary of Daikin.

The Natural Energy Company can offer you a complete underfloor heating and heat pump design and installation service.

To ensure that your heating investment operates to your expectations, we provide a complete design, installation and support service for your ROTEX underfloor heating and Daikin heat pump systems.  The ROTEX-Daikin underfloor heating design is a fully indemnified design guaranteed to complement your heat pump system. 

This enables your heating requirements to be the responsibility of one company only giving you complete peace of mind, and avoiding the pitfalls of having several companies working individually.

Providing low energy consumption and healthy comfort.

Because of the extremely large heating area, the underfloor heating system manages with a low surface temperature to maintain the room air temperature at a significantly lower temperature than rooms heated by conventional heating systems, while delivering the same perceived temperature.

The heating pipe is at the heart of any underfloor heating system. ROTEX has manufactured PE-X heating pipes for more than 30 years and today is one of the leading pipe manufacturers. ROTEX PE-X pipes have proven, in practice, to be extremely durable and reliable. they are entirely corrosion-free, as their oxygen barrier layer prevents corrosion. They also provide long-term service with safety as a result of their extreme durability.

It is extremely important your underfloor heating system is designed for operation with a heat pump. 

The important features of a heat pump underfloor heating system are:

  • excellent flow characteristics
  • operates at 5 dT°C
  • controllability
  • adaptable to different floor coverings.

ROTEX offers innovative underfloor heating system solutions to meet all demands, and is suitable for residential or commercial buildings.  All heating surfaces are designed to meet your individual requirements for each room, to provide maximum comfort, room ambience and energy efficiency.

10 Year Guarantee

ROTEX underfloor heating systems are conceived so that the number of connection points is minimised and so that the connections in the wall or in the screed are completely avoided. The pipe is extremely sturdy by virtue of the favourable diameter to wall thickness ratio of the water-carrying inner pipe. The heat output of the ROTEX underfloor heating systems is tested to DIN EN 1264. The heating pipe used fulfills the requirements of DIN 4726. In tests for step noise properties carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Construction Physics, the valued stipulated by DIN 4109 were exceeded.

Therefore it is no problem for ROTEX to provide a 10 year guarantee on all ROTEX underfloor heating systems.