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Your Solar PV Project with The Natural Energy Company

Adding Solar PV to your home is an exciting prospect – especially with today’s energy prices!  There are so many factors to take into consideration for your project, including how many panels you need, the best layout for your array to get the highest generation,  especially if your property is not south facing and the all important DNO process.  

We are here to make your project easy from design to installation and will work with you at every step to recommend the right system for you.

Your Indicative Price

Our main goal is to provide you with as much information on your project as possible.  We appreciate there is a lot to consider and you have no doubt done a lot of research on which Solar PV system would suit best for your project, perhaps without managing to find the information you really need – the costs.  At the first stage of your project we can complete our desktop survey to provide you with indicative pricing.  We provide this service to you free of charge and only ask that you provide as much information as possible, as accurately as you can, by completing our Solar PV enquiry form, and providing some photographs of your proposed roof space and your consumer board.

Solar PV Enquiry Form


Your home survey

As the next stage of your project, our engineer will visit your home in order to gather the necessary data for us to provide you with a full design and quotation. 

On the day of your arranged visit, our engineer will meet with you to answer any questions you may have and discuss the main goals of your project.  They will also gather further information to assess:

  •  Any scaffolding requirements
  •  Additional works such as the requirement for slate hooks or further roofing work
  •  The cabling routes 
  •  The layout of your proposed array

Following the visit, we will complete your design and provide you with your full quotation.

Your Formal Quotation

Following your visit, we will complete your full Solar PV system design, which will be sent to you alongside your formal quotation. This documentation will provide you with the information Home Energy Scotland would request as part of your funding application, if applicable.  At this stage you can schedule a meeting in our showroom or a video call where you can sit down with our friendly team to go over the final details your project.

Should you decide to proceed with a new Solar PV system, our team will process the order and provide you access to our Customer Portal where you will be kept up to date with estimated delivery and installation dates. 


Your Installation

On the day your installation team will turn up with all the equipment required to start your installation. Typically, the installation should be completed within 2-3 days. During this time, depending on your current system set up, you will likely be without electricity to your home for only a couple of hours as the final wiring is completed. The team will be doing everything they can to get your new system up and running as quickly as possible for you.

On the final day of your install the system will be commissioned at which point the engineer will take time to go through the features and controls of your new system. You will also receive your handover pack following your installation which includes more useful guides to help you become more familiar with your system.