*Please note - mention of not needing to change radiators is dependent entirely on system design from heat loss calculations taken by NEC


Complete comfort for all the family!

Even on the coldest days, the Daikin Altherma HT will operate down to temperatures as lower than -25°C, and is designed to meet all the heating and domestic hot water requirements of an old or new property. With a fully integrated control system, Daikin Altherma will provide consistent comfort at optimum efficiency. 


  • Water flow temperatures of up to 70°C can be produced without an additional electric heater.
  • Highly efficient CoPs of over 3.5 when producing high temperature hot water.
  • Suitable for older, larger properties where insulation is limited.
  • Can be combined with an oil/lpg boiler to form a bivalent system for off gas properties.
  • MCS accredited
  • Eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive grant